Student life during high school is not just a complement to academics; it is an integral part of a student's educational journey. 它提供了个人成长的机会, 技能发展, 社会关系, and self-discovery that are invaluable in shaping well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the challenges of adulthood.

At Westside, a students high school experiences starts with student life. A few reasons student life can foster a healthy high school experience include:

  • 归属感:归属感: 加入社团, 团队, or other student organizations can help students feel a sense of belonging and connection to the school community. This can have a positive impact on their mental and emotional well-being.
  • 不同的经历: Student life provides opportunities for students to explore a wide range of interests and activities, from sports and arts to clubs and community service. This diversity helps students discover their passions and talents.
  • 大学和就业机会: Colleges and universities often look for well-rounded students who have been actively involved in high school activities. 除了, the skills and experiences gained through student life can be valuable in the college application process and later in a student's career.


我们的第一次动员大会取得了巨大的成功. 我们都很喜欢我们的啦啦队节目 & Stuco's hard work as they created an entertaining Rally highlighting and honoring our fall sports 团队. 我们在学习STUCO时度过了一段美好的时光 & cheer dance that was performed at the Rally for our student body under the effects of the black lights. I think it's safe to say those who participated had a great time and good laughs. 让我们看看发光的鹰. We are now ready to head into fall and enjoy our Fall Fest Dance at Sauvie's Island.  现在该把法兰绒拿出来了, kick up your boots for fun time as we enjoy our annual Fall Fest at the pumpkin Patch. 大家在那里见. 


Students took a break from the classroom to enjoy reuniting with old friends, 结交新朋友, and have fun with many different activities all over campus. Student were also able to choose amazing eats from two different food trucks. To top it all off - students were surprised with a truck dedicated to a yummy ice-cream cookie.


Our Senior class was able to participate in some of the excitement on campus before leaving for their retreat at Canby Grove Conference Center for the weekend. This was a sweet time of students leading each other as a handful of staff got to watch the students interact all together as a class. The time of worship which was led by students was beautiful and a sweet weekend of simply unplugging and fellowshipping together. 

老年人花点时间来捕捉这段记忆. Seniors look forward to this time as juniors in anticipation for their senior year. This retreat is an important way to start their senior year and many seniors returned feeling differently about their senior year.

高级撤退 was a refreshing and bonding experience. I think that spending time outside of school with my senior class was amazing, you could feel the bonding happening between everyone. 这也是一次精神上的体验, 我很高兴能够帮助带领敬拜, just watching and listening to everyone worship with such a passion for Christ made me so happy and left me completely amazed at how God was moving throughout the whole time at retreat.




和我们一起去俄勒冈高尔夫俱乐部参加舞会吧! The evening will start at 6:30pm and go until 10pm.

  1. 我需要一个舞伴来参加舞会吗?
    No! You can come solo, with a date, or with a group of friends!
  2. 我可以带别的学校的人来吗?
    Upperclassmen will have the chance to bring someone from a different school. These spots are limited so it is first come first serve! 查看您的电子邮件了解更多细节. 
  3. 我们在舞会上吃晚餐吗?
    是的,你知道! There will be gluten free and dairy free accommodations. 细节如下:
    - farfall, Alfredo, Fresh Herbs 
    -甜点:新鲜出炉的饼干 & 布朗尼 
  4. 我们要怎么穿去舞会?
    舞会是一个正式的活动. 这意味着女孩应该穿长衣服, formal dresses and boys should wear a tux or dark suit typically paired with a tie or bowtie. 
    有着装要求. Please see the student handbook for further details.
  5. 我们在舞会上做什么?
    The evening will consist of socializing, taking photos (including a photobooth!), dinner, crowning of prom king and queen, and dancing of course!


Powdertuff, one of our newer events at Westside, is on Thursday, April 6th! Get ready for laughs, competition, and an all around fun evening!
The evening begins at 6pm and will go until 9pm in the gym.
The boys form volleyball 团队 by class and are coached by our very own volleyball girls! We have faculty participate through reffing, announcing and scoreboard. 出来给我们的学生加油!




Friday, March 24th from 1:50pm-2:30pm we will have our annual talent show in the auditorium.



Freshmen - Saturday, March 18th from 6pm to 8pm @ Langers

Sophomores - Saturday, March 18th from 6pm to 9pm @ Bullwinkles

Juniors - Saturday, March 18th from 6pm to 8pm @ WCHS

Seniors - Tuesday, April 4th from 10:30am to 12pm @ DEFY 





什么是Valo-gram?! Well… you can write a note that will be attached to a beautiful flower and delivered to the person during class! 

Student Council will be selling Valo-grams on Monday the 13th. They will be delivered the next day…Valentine's Day!  把爱传播出去,买一个Valo-gram!


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